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Master Electrician Interview

by The Handyguys

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The Handyguys talk to Wayne Gilchrist from

How does a homeowner get started working with electricity?

The Handyguys of been involved in electrical projects since they were youngsters.  Handyguy Paul stuck his finger in a light socket when he was in Kindergarten and learned firsthand about household AC!   ElectricalBoth of the Handyguys have done a lot wiring over the years, whether on their family home or as volunteer work for someone in need.

While we both understand the basics of home wiring, we are not experts in the field (as a matter of fact, we are not experts in most fields).  Since electricity is more dangerous then seeding your lawn, we thought it would be nice to have a master electrician on the podcast to give us his perspective on the handyguy and home wiring.

The Homeowner starting out with electrical work

Please listen to the podcast to get Wayne Gilchrist’ take on the following topics:

  1. Know your limitations!
    • Do your research.
    • Do not tackle major projects such as connecting your service panel.
  2. Follow these recommendations:
    • Use voltage meter.
    • Always, Always, Always, Always turn off the power before working.
    • Use Common Sense.
    • Respect electricity!

Wayne from EZ DIY Electricity

Some Questions for Wayne:

We asked Wayne about  the use of cheap outlets with back stab connections.  We also also asked about questions our listeners had regarding dimmers switches and 3-way switches.

Listen to the podcast to get all of Wayne’s answers to our questions and to learn more about his services. We did this interview because Wayne offers a great service. This is not a sponsored show and we were not compensated in any way.

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