square foot garden ready for first harvest

Gardening Tips, Pests, Fencing, and Mulch

The Handyguys discuss some basic gardening tips as well as mulching and considering a fence.

Gardening Tip 1: Critters in the gardenScarecrow Sprinkler

What kind of critters? The question that prompted this discussion was about keeping neighborhood cats out of your flower beds. What about deer? What about keeping rabbits out of your lettuce garden? We discuss several methods that will all work for different kinds of critters.


If you put up an 8 foot chain link fence, it will keep the deer out but who wants to do that. A small low wire fence may keep out rabbits, groundhogs and skunks.


Some flowers, especially marigolds, have been reported to keep rabbits out of vegetable gardens.


Some repellents can be bought at the home center but consider using cayenne pepper instead. It’s been reported to work with many types of animals.


Scarecrow Sprinkler CloseupYup – How about a motion activated sprinkler to keep the cats away? You need to check out the Scarecrow Sprinkler.

Gardening Tip 2: What are you doing lately?


Lots of us do it. But what are our options?

If you don’t have a pickup truck, you have a few options. You can buy it by the bag and bring it home in the trunk of your car or you can have it delivered in bulk. If you have your own truck, you can inexpensively get a truck load at many nurseries. Many communities also will have free mulch program. Listen to the show as the Handyguys discuss spreading mulch and precautions that should be taken.

PitchforkTip: When dealing with mulch in bulk don’t try to shovel it. Use a pitchfork to load it into your wheelbarrow. You can use a scoop to get the last bits off the driveway but the pitchfork works great when attacking the main pile.

The Handyguys wrap up the show briefly discussion if Handyguy Brian should consider a fence for his yard.