Katrina Relief and Interview with Curt Moore from Lagniappe

Fixing Homes in Mississippi Gulf – Bay St. Louis

The Handyguys start off with a reminder of their contact information: Use the contact us tab on the website, call 615-676-0877 or email [email protected].

On August 23rd, 2005 hurricane Katrina came through Bay St Louis, MS with about a 30′ tidal storm surge and 100+ MPH winds. The area was devastated. New Orleans got most of the media coverage in the days after the storm but small cities along the coast, like Bay St. Louis ,were hit even harder.

The Handyguys have done volunteer work, post Katrina, in partnership with lagniappec hurch. We are taking a time out from our regular style podcasts to do an interview with Curt Moore from lagniappec hurch. Please listen to this podcast to hear this featured interview with lagniappec hurch, Associate pastor and Disaster Relief Coordinator for lagniappec hurch.

Curt describes Bay St. Louis before Katrina and then explains what it was like after the storm. He also explains how Lagniappe church got started and provides a status update of how the area is coping two and a half years after the storm. To date Lagniappe has built 28 new houses in addition to the many houses they have repaired or restored.

Curt describes planting a church that includes a construction company, hotel, restaurant and travel agency in addition to a place to worship! Lagniappe has the capacity to house, feed and manage 350 volunteers per day for rebuilding efforts. The church ministers to people’s physical and spiritual needs. Curt describes this concept as “Participating in the declaration and demonstration of the Gospel”.

Brian had the opportunity to help out with two houses affectionately referred to as the “twins” because they share an identical footprint and are located in adjacent lots. Their configurations are slightly different. House one is a three bedroom one bath. House two is a 3 bedroom two bath. House one has a much larger porch, house two has more interior square feet. Below are a few pictures from Brian’s recent trip.

Two new houses affectionately referred to as the twinsthetwins1.JPGthetwins2.JPGthetwins3.JPGthetwins3b.JPG

Please also take some time out to view a brief movie about Lagniappe


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