ZTR vs John Deere Riding Mower Tractor

The Handyguys are taking this week off from our regular podcast to do some Independence Day celebrating. I hope our non-US fans will understand. So, instead of a podcast, The Handyguys decided to play with some new video equipment.

The Handyguys try out a ZTR and a Lawn Tractor style mower to determine the pros and cons of each. This video will give you a preview of the ZTR vs tractor showdown we cover in our next audio podcast. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss the show.

The recorded podcast, episode 71, will be online at 5PM Eastern Time on July 9th. All comments on the video are encouraged.

9 thoughts on “ZTR vs John Deere Riding Mower Tractor

  1. The intense speed of the ZTR can actually be a drawback for many people. The faster you go, the more difficult it is to control the machine.

    Nice toys though. Bet you had a blast testing them out.

    1. HA!! Good point. The controls of a ZTR are different than a car, you need to sort of learn a new way of driving. The Handyguys like more power and speed though, argh argh argh.

  2. You will find a lot of ztr mowers now have the attachment options available to them. They will also pull the trailers you just have to be careful as most trailers do not turn as sharp as the mower.

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