Bosch Radio

Choosing a Cordless Tool System with Radio

In this video, Handyguys Brian and Paul discuss which radio is best if you are looking to invest in a cordless tool system. Buying a cordless tool system is a big investment, so making sure that all the features are compatible with what you want is crucial. Handyguy Brian contends that the radio of a cordless tool system can be a deciding factor when buying a cordless system. The Handyguys compare 3 radios that come with various cordless tool systems.

DeWalt Radio

First, the Handyguys look at DeWalt. DeWalt is one of the smaller, accessible radios. It has a small compartment that can store a cellphone or other device. It also has an auxiliary port and USB port to plug in your phone. The DeWalt can also power off the battery that comes with the system (12/18/20 volts). Of course, this particular DeWalt also has a radio, but no bluetooth.

Makita Radio

The Handyguys then talk about the Makita radio. The Makita also has the ability to plug in a cellphone. It runs on battery, has a radio, and is bigger than the Dewalt. Unfortunately, this particular Makita has no Bluetooth and older models do not have USB.

Bosch Radio

Finally, the Handyguys praise the Bosch system.  The Bosch radio is unique and very sturdy. The radio has a digital media bay which includes a USB and auxiliary port. The Bosch also has 4 power outlets on the side allowing the user to plug in other devices. The most unique aspect of the Bosch radio is that it has one main battery compartment that also charges the battery. None of the other radios discussed have this ability. The device also comes with Bluetooth, so that the user can go cordless. While this system is the most expensive, it also has the most features.

Handyguys Brian and Paul stress that a user should like the radio component when investing in a cordless system. These systems can be an investment, so every feature should be considered.

Bosch Radio
Bosch Radio

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