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Front End Devices Compatible with Tablo DVR

In this episode, Handyguys Brian and Paul compare 3 different front end devices that are compatible with the Tablo DVR system. Tablo DVR is compatible with laptop, phone, and TV boxes. These are great options for the cord cutters out there who use over-the-air (OTA) TV and also want a great device for instant streaming. The front end streaming options in this episode are the Roku 3, Amazon Fire, and Google Nexus. While the Handyguys did not have an Apple TV present, they briefly compared its features and what it provides with the other 3 options.

As far as interface is concerned, the Tablo looks different on the Roku 3 than it does on the the Amazon Fire or Nexus. On the Roku 3, you are unable to look at the settings or search option but the Roku has an improvement when it comes to fast forwarding through commercials. With the Roku, users can see the panels for what commercials they are fast forwarding through. All 3 of the front end devices have a limitation in terms of fast forwarding while a show is still recording. Users are unable to see panels for commercials while a show is still recording on all 3 front end devices. However, this is a small issue that will most likely be resolved soon.

Roku 3

Each of the 3 front end devices offers different apps for the user. The Roku has a wireless headphone jack in the the remote that allows a user to watch TV without disturbing others in the house. In addition, the Roku can stream Amazon Prime, Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu. Unfortunately, the Roku cannot stream Google Play or anything off the Apple ecosystem. While the Roku has its own set of apps and games, the system does not push apps onto the user. Roku also does not have voice search, but Amazon Fire and Nexus both have this feature.

Amazon Fire

The Amazon Fire can stream Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu as well as many Android games and apps. Like the Roku though, the Amazon Fire is not compatible with the Apple ecosystem or Google Play. In comparison with the Roky, the Amazon Fire is much busier with all of its applications and function, and any purchase on the Amazon Fire goes through the Amazon Prime where a receipt is then sent to the user.

Google Nexus

The Nexus is compatible with Hulu, Google Play, Netflix and YouTube. However, since the Google Nexus is a competitor with Amazon Fire, Amazon Prime is not available on Nexus, and the Nexus device cannot be purchased on Amazon. Nexus is also not compatible with the Apple ecosystem.

Finally, Apple TV, which is not tested in the above video, is compatible with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and the Apple ecosystem but is not compatible with the Google store or Amazon Prime. All devices are compatible with HDMI cords and can be used both wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable. The Tablo DVR is compatible with many front end devices; however, users need to pick the one that meets their TV needs best.

Tablo DVR
Tablo DVR

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