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The Latest Material for Decks (Video)

Cellular PVC vs. Composite Decks

In this video, Handyguy Brian talks about the latest trends in decks with Ray from Decks R Us. Finding the right decking material and knowing the difference between various trends is important for all homeowners with decks.

Handyguy Brian and Ray begin by talking about Cellular PVC (CPVC) and vinyl decking. Ray explains that these decks have the biggest market share in decking as people are moving away from pressure treated wood. Cellular PVC decks are extruded vinyl made from the same vinyl as the siding on a house. This type of decking also comes with a realistic wood grain pattern.

CPVC decking can be compared with composite decks. Composite decking is just traditional composite decking wrapped in vinyl coating. The coating keeps the moisture out and helps prevent damage from UV rays. Originally, when manufactured products came out, they didn’t have the protection that this vinyl coating provides in the composite deck. Mold, UV rays, and other objects would stick to the composites and cause issues. This vinyl coating is key to a long lasting deck.

One advantage of the composite deck is that this deck stays cooler than the CPVC deck does. The materials of the deck itself as well color make a big difference when looking for a deck that will stay cool on hot summer days. The natural woods tones in the vinyl wrapped composite are nicer than the CPVC in terms of staying cool. Dark colors will tend to retain heat and also will show scuffs, dirt, and dog paw prints. Ray also explains that the most popular colors for decking trends are clay colors and brown colors. If you are looking for a combination for your deck, Ray suggests a lighter clay color for the deck accompanied by a brown or red tone for edge boards and steps.

Make sure you know what features you consider important in a deck before redoing or building your very own.

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  1. My brother’s house has a deck built with Trex and he’s been very happy with it after about 7-8 years. It looks fantastic.

  2. Hello,

    Amazing discussion all about Cellular PVC vs. Composite Decks. I love this video! Which is just explaining better difference between Cellular PVC vs. Composite Decks !

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