Restore Rusty Tools

Cleaning Rusty Tools (Video)

Cleaning Rusty Tools

The Handyguys clean up some old tools to get them working again, removing rust, grime and dirt from some old hand tools.

Handyguys Brian suggests some WD-40 for cutters and try squares that are unable to open with ease anymore due to rust. The WD-40 can help with the mobility factor, but you may need something stronger for rust.

Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

Handyguy Brian uses naval jelly to remove rust from an old diagonal cutter. He uses a brush to get into the crevices of the diagonal cutter and then allows the cutter to stay in the jelly for a short time. A lot of rust is removed from this process but the cutter is still dirty and black. With a second coat, more rust and dirt would be removed from the diagonal cutter.

Bar Keepers Friend

Handyguys Paul uses Bar Keepers Friend on the hammer and try square. After a good scrub for quite a few minutes, Handyguy Paul finds that Bar Keepers Friend removes much of the rust and dirt from the tools in question.

TheĀ Naval Jelly, the Bar Keepers Friend, and the WD-40 are quite useful when cleaning off rusty, old, and dirty tools. These techniques can be used to ensure that tools last for a long time.

Note: No products were provided for the Handyguys for this review. We purchased them on our own and you may find some items, such as Bar Keepers Friend, right in your kitchen. here are some tools the Handyguys have used to remove rust:

Restore Rusty Tools

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