What To Do When You Leave Your House For Vacation

The Handyguys discuss how to prepare your home when it is not in use!

Brian and Paul first answer a question they received from Greg:

Test your smoke detectorOur home is about a year and a half old, and we have a problem with a smoke detector. This particular detector is in the center of the downstairs area of the house, and directly above it is a carpeted hallway. All of the detectors in the house are fed by 120vAC with 9V battery backup. They are also networked, for lack of a better term – when one alarms, they all alarm.
The problem detector seems to have a false alarm whenever someone vacuums the carpet directly above it, when one of the cats is rolling around on the carpet above it, or when someone is dragging their feet on the carpet above. I’ve never heard of anything like this before with a smoke detector, but it seems to me that static electricity is causing some kind of interference. Is there any way I can insulate or shield the detector without ripping apart a ceiling or floor? I’ve performed tests on the detector every 4-6 months, and it always functions properly then.

This is a very interesting question.  Could the problem be caused by static electricity?  If so, how is that occurring?  The Handyguys discuss this and offer some troubleshooting techniques. Also, if you need a new Smoke Detector there are some great deals in our Amazon store.

Have a worry free vacation by making sure you home will be as you left it.
Have a worry free vacation by making sure you home will be as you left it.

What to do when you leave your house for vacation?

Many of us enjoy a good vacation away from home at least once each year.  If we are fortunate, we have a trusted friend keep an eye on our property.  Even better, we have a house sitter live in the home to keep it operational.  But for the rest of us, we have to leave the house vacant and hope that the pipes do not burst.  And while we are gone, we don’t want to have to pay to heat or cool the place… or do we?

The Handyguys discuss important matters to consider when you leave for vacation. The season and climate of your home effects how your prepare your house when you leave. In addition, different types of HVAC systems have different requirements when left untended.

What if you are taking an extended vacation or leaving for a month or more? Listen to The Handyguys, follow their advice and have a happy, worry free less worry, vacation.

Feel free to send us a postcard or tell us where you are going on vacation this year in the comments.

2 thoughts on “What To Do When You Leave Your House For Vacation

  1. Good ideas!
    You mentioned leaving the A/C on in places like Arizona- definately! That’s where I am, and it needs to be on (a higher setting) during the summer because the heat can build up inside and it can really be hard on furniture and other contents of the home. Many glues used in furniture begin to soften at around 130 degrees. Also, when you return, it could take a long time to cool everything back down.
    I also unplug my garage door opener so that it “locks” the door closed, and eliminates the possibility of a spurious frequency triggering the opener. (I’ve had that happen.)
    And, like you mentioned, I have a neighbor pick up door hangers and papers – I put lamps on timers – unplug electronics (we get some major lightning in the summer).

    Our water heater does not have a “vacation” setting. What does that do? Does it simply turn off or down the heating element? Could you just switch off the beaker?

  2. I have the holiday by the sea when i leave my house.At that time I will take the canada goose jackets to keep warm. As you known the wind strong by the sea. so we need the jackets to keep warm.

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