DIY Home Inspection Checklist Download (PDF)

DIY Home Inspection

The Handyguys provide a DIY home inspection checklist which you can download free of charge!

Follow this Bungalo's restoration at
Follow this Bungalow’s restoration at

Mother Nature can be tough on houses so consider giving your home an annual inspection. Check your house top to bottom, outside to inside, and look for things to add to your Honey Do List. Preventative maintenance will save money on costly repairs down the road.

The Handyguys start their inspection outside. First the roof, then grading, windows, doors, and painted surfaces. Look for anything out of place. Then move inside – start upstairs and move through to the basement. Along the way you will check out bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and then the basement.

Click on this image to download the checklist!

The attached DIY Home Inspection document can be printed out and used as a checklist when doing your home inspection. This document is geared for a springtime inspection, but it can be used any time you want to give your house a quick once over.

Listen to the podcast before you conduct your inspection as the Handyguys Brian & Paul discuss each item on the checklist and add their commentary.

Alternatively, you can always hire a home inspector if you have concerns about the condition of your house.  Check out our show about professional home inspectors

If you have any additions for the DIY Home Inspection checklist please comment. We will update the checklist periodically. If you find this useful, please consider sharing it with others. You can also click here to download the checklist.

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