Installing an underground dog fence

Electric Dog Fence DIY 5 Steps Video

Installing an underground electric dog fence is a great 5 step DIY project to protect your pet.

5 Steps to installing an electric dog fence

  1. Determine what kit to buy
  2. Determine the area you want to confine your pet to
  3. Install the hidden cable
  4. Install the transmitter
  5. Train the dog

When selecting your electric dog fence kit there are a few things to consider: the size of the area to contain the pet, the size of the pets collar, the number of pets you have and if your pet is stubborn or not.

Electric Dog Fence Kit
You will usually want to start with a kit that contains everything needed to install the fence and train your dog. The kit shown in the picture has a rechargeable waterproof collar and is working great with Brian’s Beagle. You can this PetSafe Ultra in ground fence kit at Amazon.

The hardest part of an invisible fence is training your dog. Training can take several weeks. The installation kits come with suggestions for how to train your dog. You can also watch a training video manual on YouTube. Make sure you follow the steps and take your time with the training. You don’t want your investment of time and money in the system to be wasted because you didn’t properly train your dog.

Handyguy Brian’s eight year old beagle loves to chase deer, rabbits and groundhogs in the fields behind his house. Beagles are smart dogs but can be stubborn, thick-headed and obstinate.  The training took a week or two longer than described in the instructions but the dog now obeys the boundaries and will not leave the yard to chase the wildlife behind the house.

Installing an underground dog fence

11 thoughts on “Electric Dog Fence DIY 5 Steps Video

  1. Hi there! thanks a lot for your article, very interesting one as I never heard of this instrument to train dogs. Is it possible to modify voltage dipending on our pets’ stubborness? actually i find this device quite effective but scary. none of my acquaintances use this to train their dogs. thanks again!

  2. I have heard stories about beagle getting into almost a trance like state when they are on the chase. Beagles chasing their quarry over sharp shards of ice, having bloody paws and not feeling the pain at all until they snap out of it. If a beagle were to enter this ‘trance-like ‘ state, would they even feel the voltage?

    1. I have witnessed the trance like state you describe. My beagle has been on the chase many times and has come back with cuts from thorns and other injuries. When she comes back she is exhilarated from the chase and would do it again in a second. Regarding the reaction to the fence, she ran through it a couple times early in the training. She has learned not to run through it anymore. She will bark and run up to the boundary but stops short of the correction area. I have witnessed this with deer, groundhogs and rabbits. The last time she breached the boundary was a cat but we were still in training.

  3. I just got a new puppy and I have been debating on getting an electric fence. I want him to be able to run but I don’t want to have to build an actual fence. I think this is the way I will go, Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just watched your podcast on installing an electric dog fence. Very helpful and informative. You guys are a stitch! Thanks

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