Toilet Auger

How to Unclog Toilets

In the latest episode, The Handyguys discuss several ways to unclog toilets.

Yes, you can use a typical plunger if you have a clogged toilet. It works most of the time. What do you do if the plunger fails? Don’t despair, try one of the other techniques discussed in this video.

Unclog Toilets


Unclog Toilets With a Plunger
Using a plunger to unclog toilets

A plunger is the most common method to unclog toilets. The Handyguys discuss this method in depth.

Toilet Augers

A toilet auger can assist when you have a really tough load.

Unplug Toilets

Other Methods

Well… just watch the video.

3 thoughts on “How to Unclog Toilets

  1. Enjoyed and appreciated your video on toilet clogging. I would suggest one thing that has worked for me – get a large pot of water, preferrably warm or hot and dump it down the toilet. The flow is faster than the commode has and in the majority of cases it flushes right down.

  2. Really liked this podcast, I’m a big guy so it’s definitely nice to know a few unclogging tricks haha

    Long time podcast watcher, keep the ideas comin’!

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