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Mowers, Drills And Garbage Disposals

The Handyguys answers some questions and then discuss garbage disposals.

Garbage DisposalA garbage disposal is something most of us have but the troubleshooting because instructions are probably missing.  The Handyguys discuss ways to fix these little beasts when they are not cooperating. But first… the Handyguys answer some listener questions.

Hammer Drill Chuck Problems

Nathan writes to Handyguy Paul:

Makita HP1621FK DrillPaul, I had a question about the Makita HP1621FK that you bought for finishing your basement. Did you ever have problems with drill bits spinning inside the chuck? It seems with these keyless chuck drills I can never get the chuck tight enough to stop bits from spinning when drilling into hard objects such as concrete. Do you guys have any tips for possibly reducing this problem in these keyless chuck drills? – Nathan

Thanks for he question Nathan.  Indeed Paul did experience this problem with this particular drill.  His solution was to hold the chuck tight while he ran the drill slowly to get the chuck good and tight.  He also pushed in the bit as far as he could — in some cases all the way to the base of the chuck — so that the bit would not slip.

Paul typically had a different problem with this drill, namely, removing the bit after using it to drill into concrete.  Listen to the podcast for more details and solutions.  This is a great drill for the price so hopefully we can get this issue resolved.

This isn't our callers mower. Not sure its going to start like this!
This isn’t Larry. We’re not sure this guy is going to get his mower started like this!

Reviving an Unused Lawnmower

The Handyguys also received a call-in question from Larry who is trying to save money in this down economy and wants to begin mowing his lawn himself.  Unfortunately, his lawnmower has been sitting unused for a few years and he wants to get it working again.  The Handyguys provide some tips in the podcast and also refer Larry to our show from last spring on prepping your mower for the mowing season.

That brings us to the big issue at hand…

Garbage Disposal Problems

Hand in garbage disposal
Picture thanks to http://www.flickr.com/photos/mike-burns/8907417/

A garbage disposal is an appliance that most of us have and yet it is still a mystery to most.  The garbage disposal is a great tool and when it works you don’t give it a second thought.  However, if you experience problems with clogs or poor performance, there is no set of troubleshooting tips printed under your sink.  The Handyguys discuss some methods for treating the typical problems you can experience with a disposal. Listen to the podcast for details.

The Handyguys then have a discussion about the best way to clean our disposal.

Check out the podcast for details and get your disposal unclogged!

10 thoughts on “Mowers, Drills And Garbage Disposals

  1. Were you trying to think of “Kosher” salt?

    Also, “The Queen of Clean” says in her book, fill the disposer with 3 inches of warm water and mix in a cup of baking soda with the disposer running.

    She also says that once a month you should pour a handful of baking soda into the drain and add a cup of white vinegar. She says “a small volcano will erupt”, so cover the drain for a few minutes and flush it with cold water after 30 minutes.

    From Linda Cobb’s book, “Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean”

  2. My wife has always used the peelings of any citrus fruit to clean the disposal and get rid of the smell. It has always worked for us and we have never had to use any other product.

    1. I hope it helps! If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. We always respond to EVERY question we get and we pick the good ones to use in the podcasts. Thanks for listening.

  3. I always shut off the circuit breaker to the disposal anytime I am going to stick my hand in there. Just to be sure that it will not turn off.

    Have you guys used draino? I had a problem where soft foods weren’t getting shredded enough to go down the drain so I started getting an odor. I poured draino down there and after it sat for awhile I ran it again and the food and smell were gone. Do you know of any problems in using draino in a disposal. ex corrosion or other problems?

    1. Dave – good safety tip! The lye type draino is not recommended for garbage disposals. Check the label. The gel type, acording to the manufacturer, is okay for garbage disposals. So, I guess the suggestion is to read the label, if it doesn’t say then ask the manufacturer.

  4. My disposal is not spinning under power. It turns both directions by hand, not jambed, the circuit does nto need to be reset, it IS humming (like it is jambed) but not turning.

    Motor problems? or could it be something else?

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