Garage Cabinets & Garage Organization

Garage Organization

Handyguy Brian’s garage is a disaster. He has a mix of recycled cabinets, homemade shelving, pegboard and cheap, rusty metal shelves. In this episode, The Handyguys discuss garage organization and show off their new set.

Redline Garage Organization offerings

Here are a few of the advantages of using Redline’s Garage Organization offerings discussed in this video:

  • These cabinets are not just closet systems repurposed. Paul discuss redline versus your “easyclosets.”
  • Custom cabinet options are available in 11 colors with rolling work benches, slatwall, everything you would need for getting completely organized.  These features insure a very customized system to make sure you have a place for everything which is the key to keeping the garage organized.

Buying Process – Easy for customer

  • Redline sells through a dealer network. If there is not a dealer in their area, they will assign one of their project managers at Redline Garagegear to their project.
  • The first step is thorough discussion of what your needs are and the space you have to work with.
  • The Handyguys Studio
    Redline drew The Handyguys a digital mock-up of what we discussed. We used this concept to approve the final design.

    A cabinet layout is drawn based on your needs and the space you have.

  • Modifications to the layout can be made.

After the order is placed …

  • Redline Garage Gear will then manufacture the cabinets in 3-5 days and ship them.
  • Typically, if a customer buys from a dealer, it is a “turn key” solution meaning they will install the system. If the customer does not have a dealer in their area, they work with Redline directly who can provide an installation DVD to show how to install. Many times, people will hire a handyman/carpenter to install rather than doing it themselves

Depth of offerings

  • Over 500 different cabinets
  • Custom-sized cabinets
  • 11 colors

Redline Garagegear garage organization quality constructionQuality & construction

  • Top of workbench has a heavy-duty impact coating
  • Powder-coated paint finish holds up well
  • Drawer slides are full extension allowing easy access to the contents
  • Hinges are heavy-duty euro style hinges

Basic installation overview

  • Wall hanger – The cabinets install easily by hanging on a wall mounted rail.
  • Cam lock devices hold the cabinet carcasses together
  • Hinges install into pre-drilled recesses and doors attach easily
  • Drawers come pre-assembled, just attach the slides.

Go to and click on “Win a custom workbench”
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7 thoughts on “Garage Cabinets & Garage Organization

  1. Stepping outside of brands and specific items, garage maintenance is a must for all of us who consider us a “handy guy.”
    Most of us have tons of tools and we simply don’t know what to do with it. Great job of bringing this subject, up guys.

  2. I’ve seen so many garages that could use the tips in this. Nothing says unorganized like tools and other stuff all over the place. Thanks for the information.

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