Stocking Stuffer Girl

Home Improvement Stocking Stuffers

The Handyguys discuss inexpensive home improvement stocking stuffers, for the handyguy or handygal in your life, in this new video.

Brian suggests these home improvement stocking stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Girl

6-in-1 screwdriver – Not the 11-in-1 or 32-in-1 or 945973495-in-1 screwdrivers. Keep it simple and get the 6-in-1 screwdriver that has 1/4″ & 5/16″ nut setter, 2 PHILLIPS & 2 SLOTTED bits.

Driver bits – A pack of driver bits that go with your drill or impact driver is also very handy.

Mini MagLight – These are handy to have around, get one for each glove box and a kitchen drawer.

Paul recommends these home improvement stocking stuffers

A paint brush cover – Handyguy Brian hasn’t tried this cool new tool but Paul says it’s a must have.

Utility Knife – Another handy tool, despite Brian’s claim it’s one of the most dangerous tools in a Handyguys arsenal.

Dog bone wrench – Multiple sizes in one for this wrench!

Lastly, CLOTHES.

Yeah, the Handyguys want to look stylish on and off the set. The Handyguys wardrobe is provided by Duluth Trading Company. They have lots of hard-wearing cloths and lots of great gifts. Check them out.

Duluth Trading Co

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement Stocking Stuffers

  1. Delane’s right…. these are great ideas. All good stuff that my husband, my brother, my dad will love. Thanks guys!

  2. Great show as always guys! A utility knife is a must have for any contractor or home remodeler. I’ve had a knife since my father gave me a swiss army when I was 12.

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