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Announcing Handyguys 2012/13 Season with Home Improvement Videos

by The Handyguys

in Video Podcasts

Moving to Home Improvement Videos and Youtube

Then Handyguys Podcast is now moving primarily to a video format. To get all of our latest content and to see our home improvement videos, please subscribe to our youtube channel.  We will begin uploading new content in the next week or so and have already filmed 5 new episodes in the updated Handyguys Productions studio.

Why the Change?

We moved to home improvement videos because our content benefits from our ability to visually demonstrate our topic at hand. We tried to make the move to video a couple of years ago but we did not have the resources or organization necessary at the time to make the leap. We now have a production crew, a wardrobe, set, lights and access to multiple cameras. Of course that requires significant capital investment. We hope to recoup some of that cost through youtube’s monetization system but also through other video production ventures.  We think that our new-found ability to help out both our regular listeners and occasional visitors through short, targeted home improvement videos will benefit the DIY community. Get ready for shows on pneumatic nailers, garage shelving and cabinets, Ipe Decking, cutting the cable and more!  As always, we encourage our listeners to provide feedback for our content. If you have questions or would like us to cover a specific topic, please use the contact form. As always…thank you for listening viewing the Handyguys Podacast and enjoy the show. The Handyguys in their new Home Improvement Videos Studio!

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titanroofing October 29, 2012 at 4:00 pm

very cool, this is going to help a lot of people out with small renovations around the home.


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