In the lost tunnel

Handyguys Visit Spooky Abandoned Phoenixville Tunnel

The Spooky Abandoned Railroad Tunnel

The Handyguys took a day off to discover a long lost railroad tunnel, the Phoenixville Tunnel. The big reason that few people have found the tunnel is due to the rough terrain. Brian and Paul fight through the thickets and make it to the tunnel. We had a lot of fun on our day off!

In the lost tunnel of the abandoned railroad tracks

9 thoughts on “Handyguys Visit Spooky Abandoned Phoenixville Tunnel

    1. hahaha- Well, the hat was new and I left in in a GeoCache The lighting in the tunnel was bad, we didn’t have any more than a flashlight with us. Also, water was dripping everywhere and we didn’t want to get the camera wet.

      Or…… Maybe I was paying homage to Minnie Pearl

      and we were too scared to go in the tunnel. Yes, soooo many questions.

  1. This is so cool! I’ve lived in phoenixvill for 13 yrs and just heard about this today.. I wanted to go find it myself, until i saw your vid. There is NO WAY the wife and kid will be up for this advneture. lol

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