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Welcome to the Handyguys website. This site is the home of the Handyguys podcast. Our podcasts feature your questions, head-to-head tool tests and other DIY and home improvement topics. If you have a question regarding your home, let us know using the “contact” tab above. If possible, we will respond to your question via email and may use your question on-the-air in a future broadcast.

Our weekly podcasts will be posted every Thursday, beginning January 17th. If you would like to subscribe to our podcast, use the podcast links on the right or just play them in your browser. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you around the home!

Upcoming schedule:

January 17, 2008 “The Kickoff Show”

Special Edition: Philadelphia Home Show review!

January 24 , 2008 “Wet Paint!”

January 31 , 2008 “The cut-up show” (featuring head-to-head cordless vs corded reciprocating saw challenge)

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