Combo Glasses

Eye and Ear Protection

In this audio episode, The Handyguys talk about eye and ear protection and interview the inventor of Combo Glasses.

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Eyes and Ears Safety and Protection

We all know how important eye and ear protection is. Most of us own ear muffs or plugs as well as safety glasses. The problem is we don’t always use them when we should. Jake, the inventor of combo glasses, contacted us and asked if we would like to try out a pair. We get a lot of requests like Jake’s. We said we would try them but made no promises to cover the combo glasses in a show. Believe us when we say we are shielding you from a lot of junk we never mention. Well, these glasses, with built-in ear protection, actually do what they are supposed to do! We liked them so much we brought on the inventor for an interview. Listen to the podcast for the discussion.

eye and ear protection and safety

2 thoughts on “Eye and Ear Protection

  1. Enjoyed the episode guys. In fact, I just ordered two pairs of the combo glasses to give them a shot. I bought a nice pair of sunglass type protective glasses from the Home Depot and they have worked out nice but I don’t use anything for ear protection. As I’ve noticed lately, the gas powered weed wacker, chainsaw, lawn mower and pressure washer is pretty darn loud. Thought it was time to get decent ear protection and another pair of eye protection won’t hurt.

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