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Fall Preview New Handyguys Shows

The Handyguys discuss upcoming fall show ideas

Thinking Handyguy

The Handyguys have a short show for you this week. We are taking this opportunity to discuss some of our show ideas and to solicit feedback from our listeners for show ideas.

Some upcoming topics:

  • Head-to-Head tool Challenge, Circular saw
  • The Home Inspection process and and interview with ASHI
  • How to save money on your energy bills
  • Devices to save electricity and/or monitor electricity
  • Ways to cut down on heating bills
  • Insulation
  • Weatherization
  • Other Head-to-Head tool Challenges

We want your feedback! Do you need a recommendation on a tool? Do you want us to put a particular tool through its paces before you buy it? Is there a new gadget on the market and you want to know if its worth the money?

We will continue to answer DIY questions privately and possibly on the air. Feel free to let us know if you think our shows are too long, too short, too boring, too funny, too much detail, not enough detail, etc.

We will be giving away an original Handyguys Podcast shop apron to the first four legitimate show ideas we get. Feel free to call in your show idea to (615) 676-0877, to email us at [email protected], comment on this posting or use our contact form. Do we have enough ways for listeners to reach us? I think so.

To comment on this, or any post, just go to the bottom of the show post and click comments. You can see others comments and add your own. That’s a great way for you to participate in the discussion.

If you want the shop apron make sure you include your email address so we can contact you to get your ship to address.

ThanksThanks to all our loyal listeners and sponsors that make this show possible.

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