Tiny house's can save you money

Tiny Houses discussed

In this audio episode of The Handyguys Podcast, tiny houses are discussed as well as the announcement of office hours on Facebook.

Tiny Houses

Tiny house's can save you moneyHandyguy Brian read an article about small houses which prompted the discussion. The original article is here.  The article talks about how the market for tiny houses is thriving due to people concerns about sustainability, job security and the housing market bust.

The Handyguys discuss the pros and cons of living in a smaller house. Brian isn’t willing to give up his garage shop. It sure would make you re-think all the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated. Listen to the podcast for a lively discussion.

If you are interested in learning more about tiny houses, you may want to check out the Tiny House Blog that we mention in the podcast.

Facebook Office Hours

announcement – The Handyguys will be holding “Office Hours” all next week on Facebook. Make sure you visit the True Value Facebook page where The Handyguys will be fielding questions from anyone who happens by.

7 thoughts on “Tiny Houses discussed

  1. You guy obviously haven’t actually researched tiny houses. They have a loft bedroom and they DO have bathrooms! Come ON guys, if you’re going to do a podcast, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  2. You guys described a house under a thousand square feet as a tiny home.

    Well, I live in a house built in 1930 and it only has 800 square feet. It has 1 story; includes 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms along with a kitchen and living room (well it had a living room and kitchen when we bought it.-I am still remodeling the kitchen and living room, about 400 square feet of the house.

    Houses used to be built rather small. I have seen the tiny houses on TV and they are a lot smaller (sometimes only about 400 Square feet.)

    As for where do you store your Christmas ornaments: you buy or build a shed. (We have 2-an old one that stores the lawn mower and weed eater et al. and a new one that stores stuff more sensitive to water-the old one leaks and needs a lot of repair.)

    To be fair our house that was built with a front and back porch and all of the back porch and 2/3rds of the front were enclosed and are now part of the house. The back has our washing machine and dryer in it and the front is an entryway. (when we bought the house the washer and dryer were in between the living room and kitchen.)

    It is very possible to live in a smaller house. However, there are only 2 of us in this house and the 2nd bedroom serves as a “quilt room” and extra storage room. Until recently we kept a day bed in it for our grown children (who have only visited use twice in the past 6 years)

    Anyway economy depends more on how well insulated (ours was not) and how well built it is. In recent decades houses were built quickly and cheaply not to be energy efficient.

  3. You might have developed your home exterior exceptional catching eyes and leaving stirring impression. But it is not all done. Equally important is the interior designing part to décor your home in an ideal mode. Home decoration is imperfect without good interior designing.
    Well tell me one thing, do you really mean tiny house or you criticized it by calling it a tiny house.

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