Troubleshooting Ice Maker Not Making Ice And Lawn Aeration

In this audio episode of The Handyguys Podcast we start by discussing a question about ice makers not making ice and then get into some recent projects in our “What are ya doing lately” segment.

Ice Maker Not Making Ice

IceWe received this question from a fan named Mary

Do you have any recommendations on getting the ice machine on our Kenmore side-by-side working again?

Well, when we recorded this episode we didn’t have any more details.

Mary – The problem is often that the defrost cycle doesn’t defrost enough to sufficiently melt ice buildup in the water inlet tube. I have heard some people recommend to put all your stuff from the refrigerator and freezer, put it into coolers, unplug the appliance, and then let it warm up, above freezing, for a couple of hours or over night. This thawing process will fix your ice maker IF the problem is a frozen supply line. Some others will use a hair dryer to warm up just the frozen spot. The problem with the hair dryer is you need to figure out where the freeze is! The manual defrost process is pretty simple and it doesn’t cost you anything to try. If everything mechanically and electrically seems sound then give it a shot.

What else could it be? There is an arm that shuts the ice maker on and off. That arm could be stuck in the off position, push it down and you may be in business. Other problems may be more involved such as bad motors or circuitry.

Mary – send us some more information on your problem (comment on this post) and we will try to help you troubleshoot further.

Mom's House Project
This project involved “building a box” around some pipes for a radiator on the floor above. A traditional 2x wall was built, drywall and then trim.

What are you doing lately?


Brian recently completed an aeration project. Renting an aerator is a great way to improve the health of your lawn. When done in conjunction with over seeding you give your lawn a great jump on a healthy next growing season.


Paul also did some aeration and over seeding. The Handyguys then discussed a project they did for a local pre-school. It involved boxing in unsightly pipes and matching new trim to old in a 100-year-old Victorian.

4 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Ice Maker Not Making Ice And Lawn Aeration

  1. Ice maker on GE refrigerator will not work. Solenoid does not work unless hooked directly to external 110V.
    Does defrost timer have anything to do with power to solenoid?

    1. Dan – I’m not positive about the particulars. It sounds like the basic troubleshooting we described wont resurrect your ice maker. Just a guess that its a control board issue. Good luck and post back what you end up doing to resolve the issue so it benefits others.

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