Proper Clothing For DIY Projects

Dare to be a sharp dressed handyguy!

Those old jeans have got to go. They always get holes in the knees and you end up wearing them out on those tough handyguy jobs. Consider becoming a sharp dressed and smart dressed handyguy with the proper handyguy attire.

You probably thought you could just grab the oldest clothes in your wardrobe (and you can) but your knees are too important to be left unprotected. Those old jeans always wear out on the more rugged jobs. Every handyguy knows how jeans get holes in the knees as soon as you get down and dirty working on your home. Before you know it, you don’t have a decent pair of jeans to wear to church social events!

Carhartt 7.5-ounce work pantsWork BootsReplace those jeans with Carhartt Canvas work pants. These pants protect your legs and keep you cool using a 7.5 oz lightweight canvas. These pants performed well for Paul during Katrina relief work on 95+ degree days! Despite hard labor, his legs came out without a scratch and he did not have to sweat over it. However, do be careful which Carhartt pants you purchase. Reserve the heavier 9.5 oz Carhartt pants for the winter months!

Depending on the work you are doing, it may be wise to invest in a good pair of workboots. Some have a steel shank to protect your feet from those nails that you step on when demolishing that old shed in the back yard. Others have a steel toe to protect you when you drop that cast iron drill press. However, many handyguys can get away with a plain ole’ pair of sneakers.

Cool looking Safety GlassesGood ear muffsOnce you upgrade your handyguy clothing, you need to consider accessories… although these accessories are not optional! Safety glasses and ear plugs or muffs should always be within reach. In addition, knee pads are a must for that tile job.Knee pads

Listen to the podcast for more details. Can anyone tell what music Handyguys Brian had on when the show started? Leave a comment if you know.

3 thoughts on “Proper Clothing For DIY Projects

  1. I have one more suggestion for Sharp Dressed Handiguys – Utilikilts. They have huge pockets and one style comes with a functional hammer loop. That kilt also comes with a modesty snap so you won’t accidently let it all hang out when climbing ladders. I don’t work for the company. I just enjoy a guy in a kilt. I wish they made them for Handygals because I’d definately wear one.

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