Free Trellis Plans And Listener Questions – How To Build A Trellis

The Handyguys built a simple garden trellis of their own design and address listener questionsTrellis

The Handyguys built a simple garden trellis of their own design and decided to make plans available to anyone who wants them. Feel free to download the .pdf  Trellis Plans and pass it around to whoever may want it. Listen to the podcast for details on the design and construction. The trellis only uses one board and some screws. It will only take an hour or two to build.

Before the Handyguys get too deep into the trellis project they answer some listener questions.

First up is a question from Rob: Rob wants to remove a support pole from his basement. Don’t do it Rob. We share some tips for incorporating it in your design.

Second is a question from Roger: Roger wants to know about a white gritty substance in his hot water. Listen to the podcast for some suggestions. It’s likely time for a new heater for Roger. Roger may find other useful information in our podcast entitled The Cold Water Heater.

Third is a question from Tilo: Tilo is stuck as to how to run crown moulding around a window that goes up to the ceiling. The Handyguys recommend building a valance. We discussed nail guns and compressors in our episode entitled Compress It! Tilo, you may want to also give that a listen. A nail gun will make your project a lot easier.

Finally, listener Calster: Calster wants to know if they could glue a medicine cabinet to a large mirror in a bathroom. The Handyguys discuss some options but ultimately recommend removing the mirror. We will be talking about some new glues in an episode in a few weeks. But not likely something that will help Calister.

On to the Trellis

Single piece of wood

Tools and materials needed:

Steps to build:

  1. The unasembled piecesUsing a table saw, rip cedar into 3/4″ strips. You will be left with a small piece of wood about 3/16″ wide. You want that piece to come from the center of the board, not the edge.
  2. Cut one of the slats into cross pieces as shown on the next page.
  3. Cut your 3/16″ slat into eight 6″ pieces.
  4. Assemble the base first as shown on page two. Use glue and screws. Pre-drill to prevent splitting. A bar clamp will help hold everything together while you are drilling and screwing.
  5. Attach top firstAttach the top cross piece first. Use spring clamps to hold it while you drill and screw. Attach the center and outer two slats first then slats two and four. Attach with 1 1/4″ exterior wood screws. Use a square to ensure the first cross piece is square to the center slat.
  6. Additional slatsAttach the remaining cross pieces in the same fashion and make sure they are square to the center slat.

We hope you find this to be a useful project. If you have any questions about it, you can click on where it says comments right below this post and ask away.

If you have any other questions about your home or other DIY project you can always call us at 615-676-0877 or email The Handyguys at [email protected] or use the contact form on the website.

9 thoughts on “Free Trellis Plans And Listener Questions – How To Build A Trellis

  1. Pingback: any ideas regarding a pretty trellis?
  2. I tried to down load the plans for the trellis but there is a problem with the file. It does not give the hole plan, it only shows the trellis and does not have any sizes to cut anything. Even the picture does not show at all.



  3. Should I cut the 8′ board down to 6′ or should the trellis be 8′ tall when completed? The diagram doesn’t make that clear.

  4. The instructions (both PDF and on this page) mention cutting the 3/16″ remaining piece into 6″ lengths but there is nothing describing what one does with these pieces. Only by looking very closely at the zoomed in section of the bottom of the trellis on page 2 does it become clear that the 3/16 pieces are used to space the pieces of the trellis out. Also if you’re cutting a 60″ board you’ll have a total of 10 pieces, but you only need 4 (or do you only need 8? Do you do spacing twice?)

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