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Avoiding Costly DIY Mistakes

Having to pump water from a finished basement is a costly mistake

Costly DIY Mistakes and Listener Questions First off – The Handyguys welcome listeners from RFC Radio and give them a brief background on The Handyguys. Costly DIY Mistakes This week we talk about the most costly mistake a DIYer can make when finishing a basement—not taking care of potential water issues before finishing your basement. […]

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Mighty Putty Best Practices

Mighty Putty

The Handyguys discuss how to use Mighty Putty, answer a listener question and talk about Honey Do Lists. Thanks to Mighty Putty for sponsoring this episode. We have all seen Mighty Putty advertise on TV and all around the web. The Handyguys discuss how to properly use Mighty Putty to make sure your repair is […]

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