The Handyguys - Working Together on that Honey Do List Home Energy Savings Tool tests


Woodman’s Pal Tool Introduction The Handyguys demonstrate a not-so-common tool for the handyguy, the Woodman’s Pal. With the Christmas season upon us, it might make a great stocking stuffer! What could you use one of these for? This tool has many functions. The Woodman’s Pal is also a great decoration for your house, office, or business. Functions The […]

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The Table Saw Guide

Bosch Portable Table Saw

The Handyguys suspect that a lot of handguys would love to own a table saw.  But, is this a tool that the average handyguy should own?  Brian and Paul discuss whether this tool should be included in your toolkit workshop. The issue of table saws was brought up by Bill, a regular listener I am […]

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Dangerous Tools


The Handyguys address carpet padding removal and dangerous household tools. Happy 2009!  The Handyguys are back from hiatus and ready to address another year of handyman Handyguy topics. We have new voice-over talent, new music and a new look to the website.   We also have a clean studio (thanks Brian!) and we are ready […]

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Handyguy Stocking Stuffers

Click for Full Size - Stocking Girl with Hammer

  The Handyguys Podcast discuss some unique stocking stuffer gift ideas for this Christmas season. So you want to purchase some nice gifts for the handyguy in your life but you don’t want to break the bank.  You could go to your local big box store and pick up some screw drivers or duct tape, […]

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Material Choices When Finishing A Basement

home improvement Pauls Grass sort of looked like this

Part 4 in the Basement Finishing Series The Handyguys are becoming the “Basementguys” in this new fourth installment of the basement series.  The Handyguys discuss basement materials and revisit some old advice they gave about mowing lawns. First up… a discussion about some advice that Handyguys gave in Episode #15 on lawn care.  Is it […]

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