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Eliminating Squirrels And Basement Carpet

by The Handyguys

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The Handyguys take two fan questions on very different topics. Destructive squirrels and carpeting options for a basement.

Squirrels can DestroySquirrels

The Handyguys received the following question from Larry, a listener of the show:

Hi, I have squirrels eating away at the lead pipe flashing (roof jack). that surround the PVC vent pipes that extend out of the roof and along some fascia boards. In searching for a solution, one person said they may be missing a mineral in their diet. Another said they chew to keep their teeth from growing to long.

  1. Any truth to these?
  2. Any idea why they eat lead pipe flashing (roof jack)?
  3. How can I stop them permanently from eating the lead pipe flashing (roof jack) and fascia boards?
  4. How can I repair the lead pipe flashing (roof jack) with buying entirely new pipe flashing and lifting shingles?

Havahart trapLarry – We aren’t completely sure why the squirrels are trying to get into your house. Brian’s guess is they want to come in out of the cold.  Regardless you don’t want the squirrels destroying your house. We suggest you begin an agressive relocation program. You can get a trap and easily relocate the squirrels. Check out this one from Havahart.

As for repair – You should just replace the boot on the pipe vent through your roof. You can use Bondo for the Fascia. We discuss some other options in the podcast. Make sure you give it a listen.

Carpet for your basement

The Handyguys then take a question from Eric about carpet for his basement:

First, off just wanted to say great site and great information.

Here is my situation. Carpet and the basement. My wife and I are nearly done with our basement and ready to pick out and put in some nice carpet. But we have no idea how to buy carpet or what sort of padding is best to put under the carpet. Our basement is a solid poured concrete floor and walls. We have no water or any moisture to really mention a small dehumidifier runs occasionally and the basement seems dry.

We have 3 young kids and one big dog and would like a carpet and padding that would be able to hold up.



The Handyguys discuss some different carpet options. Both Brian & Paul are in agreement that a decent pad that is not absorbent is a must. Also, you may want to consider commercial carpet as well.

Berber commercial carpet
Loop Berber Commercial
SmartStrand Swatches from Mohawk Carpet padding
Twist pile

Mohawk SmartStrand


What are you doing lately?

We wrap up the show with a discussion about some cabinets that are pulling off the wall because they are overloaded. These are a decent brand of cabinets. Brian was able to add some screws into the soffit to hold them until the cabinets are repaired.

Need appliance parts? Just enter a part or model number:

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