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Vehicle Choices, Air Conditioning Leaks And Mower Carb Repair

by The Handyguys

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Handyguy Vehicles, Air Conditioning and Mower Repair

We cover a lot of topics in this show. Should Handyguy Paul Trade in his pickup, why does a listener’s air conditioner leak and doing carborator work on your mower.

Paul's TruckFirst up – Brian and Paul discuss if a handyguy needs a pickup truck. Brian says yes. Paul isn’t so sure. We all agree they are handy. They aren’t so practical when they get too old and repairs are costing you as much as a new car payment. Oh, and the fuel costs. So, Handyguy Paul is going to trade in his pickup for a sedan. Fortunately he can call Brian, who is keeping his truck, if he needs help hauling something.

Air conditioning leaks

The Handyguys then discuss a question posted as a response to our air conditioning troubleshooting show, episode 69.

My inside handler unit is constantly leaking water inside the closet. I’ve cleaned the lines that lead to the outside and also cleaned the pan and removed all the gunk that was accumulated. I even sprayed an a/c cleaner on the coils, which did not really look that dirty. After all that work, the a/c began to leak again thirty minutes later. The house is cool and the system seems to be working fine however the closet and filter are soaked. I’m frustrated and don’t want to call a company just to discover that it was something simple that I was not aware of. Please help.

Thanks, Nelson

Nelson, thanks for your comments and questions. The Handyguys discuss the situation in the podcast. Bottom line, Nelson, you will need to closely inspect to determine where the leak is coming from. Once you determine that you can fix the problem. Most likely you have a leak in the drain, a bad pump (if you have one) or a clogged line causing the pan to overflow. once you find the source let us know, we may be able to help you fix it.

Mower safety and carburetor repair

Lastly, The Handyguys address a question about mowers, carbs on mowers in particular.

Clean the grass and removing the mower bladeI am really enjoying these podcasts, some really great tips. Just recently found this site and will eventually get caught up to your recent podcasts. One thing I would like to add to this podcast however is when you are working under the mower near the blade to remove clumped grass or to sharpen the blade (I use an angle grinder), disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug. You can actually start the mower by moving the blade out of the way. I am not missing any digits, but I know a few who have had close calls.

One question that I have is with the carb. I am working on a mower and did the standard tune-ups, plug, oil and air filter. I have a situation where the mower is idling really rough almost to the point of cutting itself off. Since my first go round with the tune up did not fix the problem, I am planning on removing the carb to attempt to clean it. Do you guys have any suggestions on cleaning the carb before I go out and buy a new one? I’ve replaced carbs on mowers before just never cleaned one. Thanks and keep up the good work.

David, Thanks for the kudos and the safety tip. As for your carburetor. Yes, clean it first. The Handyguys have heard great things about a product called Sea Foam for carb cleaning. Cleaning the carb is a great thing to try before going deeper into a repair.  If cleaning the carb doesn’t work then you will want to see if a rebuild kit is available. This will be cheaper than a replacement.

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