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Fixing a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher that is not Cleaning Dishes

by The Handyguys

in Video Podcasts


Handyguy Paul’s Dishwasher not cleaning  – He takes apart his Dishwasher to clean out the basin.

dishwasher not cleaning

The Handyguys planned to tackle two issues in this episode. They began with Paul’s dishwasher not cleaning problems and hoped to talk about the Handyguy’s electrical toolkit. However, the dishwasher took up the entire episode and the electrical toolkit discussion got pushed back to another show (ok… we sometimes record these episodes out-of-order so the electrical toolkit discussion was published with episode #70).

So what is the problem with Paul’s dishwasher not cleaning that is worth talking so long about? Well, no one likes an expensive dishwasher that has problems doing the one thing it is supposed to do. Cleaning Dishes! Due to the Dishwasher not cleaning Handyguy Paul’s wife was not happy. Upon removing glasses from the dishwasher each morning, she was finding them covered in a cloudy white film. Typically this is due to hard water and is prevented with a rinse aid product. In this situation, rinse aid was not addressing the problem.

To make matters worse, the dishes on the top rack were also not being cleaned very well. In fact, it appeared that the upper spray arm above the top rack was not spraying much of any water onto the dishes.

So what was the solution to the white haze (or is it etching?) on the glasses? And how do you fix these problems. You can find the answer by listening to our podcast or watching our little video. Or how about both? Check it out.

In addition, the Handyguys discuss other common dishwasher problems.

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