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Selecting a Portable Generator

by The Handyguys

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Portable Generator Selection Checklist

Large portable generator at True Value and do it yourself portable generator

The Handyguys do not own generators but with all the power outages in the news they are certainly thinking about adding this “power tool” to their arsenal. Portable generators are easy to pick up at your local True Value store and you can be up and running quickly with some limitations. Without modifications to your electrical system, you can only connect household items that reach with an extension cord and which are no hard wired (e.g. a furnace blower). If you want the system to integrate with your electrical system for powering items such as the blower on your furnace you will need to have an electrician install a bypass switch. Here are issues to consider before buying that generator:

  1. Power. How many watts do you need for your required power equipment in the house. Put a buffer in those calculations to help out a neighbor with their refrigerator!
  2. Fuel. Determine how much gasoline you will keep on hand to power the generator. Fuel requires stabilizer or must be replaced on a regular schedule. Most residential codes allow only a small amount of gasoline storage in your garage (generally less then 15 gallons).
  3. Noise. Consider how much noise the generator will make. If this is important to you, look for reviews of models that are quieter.
  4. Maintenance. The engine will require maintenance and regular running to keep it in good shape. Check out the
  5. Run-time. Look at the length of run-time of the generator.
  6. Weight. Will you be moving the generator a lot? Does it have wheels? Can you lift it into a truck or trunk?
  7. Plan ahead. Research and purchase before a disaster strikes!

Generators at True Value and how does a generator work

Have a great new year!

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