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Preparing Your Home For Winter

by The Handyguys

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A Handyguys listener recommends a show on preparing your home for the winter.  The Handyguys respond!

winter houseFirst of all, thanks to Mike for sending in a request for this show.  He provided a lot of great ideas and insights.  We will discuss many of his suggestions in this show.

Before discussing winter prep, the Handyguys answer a user question regarding hot water heaters:

Hey Guys,

Basic components of a water heater, TandP, expansion tank, water supply, gas lineI recently went down into my basement and there was water all over the floor from my hot water heater.

There is no visible leaking still going on and it is still producing hot water. Do I need a new hot water heater?

The things I do know is that my tank does not have an expansion tank. My ‘overflow tube’ or ‘TandP valve’, is directed down to the floor, but should be directed outside?…I remember the inspector saying something about this not being configured right, but didn’t think it was that big of a concern.

A couple days before the leak occurred I have turned the temperature down to ‘Vacation’ because we were not going to be home for the weekend. When we got home I change the temp back to hot. Could this of caused some kind of pressure change, which in turn caused the leak through the overflow tube?

Let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks, Devyn

Winter House twoHow do you prepare your house for the winter?  Well, if you are in the south, you may not need to do anything.  But if you live in a northerly climate, you should check out this podcast.

Here is a list of items that Mike sent us.  The Handyguys discuss this list and more in the podcast.

  • Installing storm windows and doors
  • Installing clear plastic on inside of windows or use Seal and Peel caulk
  • Turn off your outside water and drain hoses to avoid freezing
  • Check furnace and replace furnace filter
  • Clear gutters of leaves and debris to avoid ice damming
  • Caulk any outside holes where exhaust pipes come through the siding
  • Winterize lawn mower, change oil, sharpen blade, remove battery so it doesn’t freeze
  • Check floor drain in garage so ice and snow can melt and drain away
  • Put patio furniture away and if made of wood it’s a good time to seal them so they are ready for spring.

Other Ideas:

  • Energy saving and insulation (see our next podcast on energy saving ideas)
  • remove fuel from lawn mowers and trimmers
  • Snow blower preparation

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