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Cutting The Cable And Saving Money

by The Handyguys

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Cut the cable, go off the grid

In this audio episode of The Handyguys Podcast we discuss talk about moving off of the telecommunication and entertainment grid. How much do you pay for your home phone and TV entertainment? You can save a lot of money by cutting some of the cables.

Moving off of the grid – Eliminate the local phone service

Brian and Paul talk about cutting their phone bill down to only a few bucks per month. Brian uses the Ooma Telo which costs about $200 up front for equipment but has free-calling. Paul uses a service from Via:Talk which has no up-front costs but a monthly cost of about $18. Both services give you more features than the regular phone company and let you keep your existing number. You need to have an Internet service to use them.

Moving off of the grid – Drop cable, satellite or FiosTV

For television entertainment, Brian and Paul both have on demand movies and television from Netflix using the Roku box.

For T.V., Paul pays about $20 for basic cable which includes all the broadcast channels delivered via unencrypted HD digital signals. He pays Netflix for their basic package which includes unlimited streaming of movies. He also pays schedules direct about $20/year to handle scheduling for his home build MythTV DVR.

Sally Field as Gidget on the phone with TVAnother option is to get your HighDef programming from an over the air antenna. That is free. Brian & Paul both use a free DVR called MythTV that makes a PC into a home theater PC to give them Digital Video Recorder (DVR)  capabilities similar to what is available from Tivo, Satellite, cable and Fios providers.

Building your own Home Theater PC DVR using MythTV is beyond the scope of a podcast and these show notes. You can check out some resources to determine if that project is right for you.

Couch Potato

Bottom line monthly costs after cutting the cord and moving off the grid (to the internet)

Brian Paul
Phone $3.26 $17
TV $9 $30
Total per month
$12.26 $47

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