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From old home repairs to Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts, we’ve had years to hone our skills. As we learned, we also discovered it was hard to find handy DIY explanations and answers that weren’t vague or that made sense to everyday handyguys like ourselves.

Have a repair that’s got you stumped? We can’t fix it for you but we can make it easier for you to do the job yourself. We offer how-to podcasts and videos on common DIY house repairs and product recommendations and reviews.

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About Brian – 
My love for fixing things dates back to when I was 3 years old. The story goes that armed with a screwdriver, I fixed neighbor Nana’s pots. I’ve heard those handles had never been on tighter. As I grew older I honed my knowledge for all things DIY and learned which tools were used for any given job as I not only worked alongside my dad at home, but also in a hardware store. As a homeowner, my love for fixing things comes in handy. Instead of paying for repairs I can save money by doing it myself. My wife (usually) says it’s nice having one of those handyguys around.

Handyguys Podcast Brian Peppel

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About Paul – From seminary to IT director, you  might not expect me to be one of those handyguys around the house. But not so fast. From childhood on, I’ve always been fascinated with figuring out how things work. Thankfully time and practice have improved my skills – no more spare parts when the job is done. As a homeowner my DIY repair skills come in handy. Instead of wasting  time waiting for a repair appointment and paying costly bills, I can do the job myself.

Handyguys Podcast Paul Shane

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About you –

Whether you’re a somewhat handyguy (or gal), we’re here to help you. Repair got you stumped? Want to know which tool is right for the job or how it works before you buy? Send us your questions and we’ll see if we can answer them for you. DIY repair doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing when you have The Handyguys around.

Are LED Bulbs Reliable? Blinking LED on Dimmers.

Disclaimer: We know a lot about a lot and have opinions about the rest, but if we can’t give you the answers we’ll let you know.

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