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Using Primer, What Is Pex And Why CFLs

Skipping primer or improperly prepping a surface for paint cant be a Costly DIY Mistake

Primer, PEX and CFLs Costly Handyguy Mistakes: Primer. Use it or lose it. The Handyguys continue their new segment this week called Costly DIY Mistakes. These are mistakes are ones we have personally seen or have been asked about by our listeners. This weeks mistake is not using primer when painting. The Handyguys discuss when […]

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Energy Audits

Cold House

The Handyguys answer a listener question about PEX and then discuss home energy audits If you like our show please consider visiting for us in the Bloggers Choice Award, podcast category. The link is on the right hand side of our home page. The Handyguys answer a question from Tim: “Hi guys, I appreciate what […]

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