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Handyguys Productions LLC Pitch Guide

pitch usWhat are we looking for?

  • original audio or video podcasts covering home improvement topics
  • ideas for applying/integrating social media, feedback, Q&A or 360 degree interactions
  • topically focused home improvement shows (Electrical, Plumbing, landscaping, etc)
  • Handyguys or Handygirls/gals/women are welcome

The process is open to content English speaking male or female content producers around the world.

Before you send us your pitch, here are a few things to remember:

  • Handyguys Productions is committed to developing predominantly home improvement, DIY focused content.
  • We strive to provide a step up in quality from the typical youtube video or iTunes audio podcast.
  • Every submission should include some detail about who you are, how to get in contact with you and who makes up your team. If you are the proposed host and have no production skills just let us know. Do you have a heart for production and a great show idea but need a host? Tell us.

The Idea

Your proposal doesn’t need to be long and complicated, but it should be well thought out. Make sure you’ve taken the time to dream it, debate it, mull it and polish it before you send it along.

To help get your idea down on paper (in email), here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  1. When discussing home improvement or DIY with your friends do you get them excited about the project? Do you look forward to getting your hands dirty? Do you have more project ideas than time?
  2. How would you describe your home improvement experience? Professional? Experienced DIYer? Newbie who wants to learn?
  3. Why would someone want to listen to or watch you talk about or demonstrate a DIY project?
  4. Please describe your production skills. Audio – can you record, edit and produce a decent sounding mp3? Vide0 – can you record, edit and produce a decent DIY video? What audio/video tools do you have access to? What audio/video gear do you have access to?
  5. Tell us about your typical weekend
  6. What is the biggest home improvement project you (or your host) have done?
  7. Is there a personality (ie. actual person) associated with your idea that the audience would relate to? For example, if you’re pitching a podcast, who is the host? What makes the host unique, credible or listenable?
  8. What will we hear (for an audio-based pitch)? A list of segment ideas or interview guests is a good start, but it’s not enough. Help us imagine what we’ll hear. How will tone and attitude affect the content?
  9. What makes your show perfect for The Handyguys versus building your own distribution channel or going to another network? Does it take The Handyguys somewhere new? Does it do something that we aren’t already doing?
  10. What format do you see your idea taking and why? If you come with a great idea for a podcast, for example, why is it a great fit for us but video is not?

The Checklist

Once you’ve worked through your idea, here’s a quick checklist of other things you should include in your proposal:

  1. Who You Are: Tell us why you’re the right person with whom to develop this idea. If you’ve hosted, produced or written for radio, TV or Online Media before, let us know. Also: what led you to your idea? Give us a sense of your background, your passions.
  2. The Proposal: Does the tone and style of the writing in your proposal reflect the tone of the idea that you’re proposing?
  3. Reach Beyond The Handyguys: Do you have plans for using social media or other tools to attract audiences to your show, beyond those who already come to or
  4. Support: What kind of support do you need? Mentoring? Coaching on performance? In-studio training? Digital audio editing? Writing show notes? Don’t be embarrassed – we’re here to help and the more we know upfront the better.
  5. Online Support: Hosts or their team are expected to upload produced audio or video for their shows, write show notes and include pictures . Do you or any of your team members have digital production experience? Does your idea require a resource with specialized / advanced web skills?
  6. Timing: Is your proposal time-sensitive? Are there times when you can work on this, times when you cannot?
  7. How to Get Hold of You: Don’t forget to include your e-mail, home phone, cell phone, skype, etc.


Got questions?  Need help getting your idea down on paper?  Get in touch with us.

To get your pitch to us

Please send your pitches via EMAIL to [email protected]

We prefer to receive proposals in email or as attachments in adobe acrobat format. Short audio samples in mp3 format or links to YouTube videos are encouraged.

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